Hello and Welcome to New Official Värttinä  Fan Club Website.

We are very happy and grateful for your presence, for your help and cheering.

This is our site for all fans… specially for you.

But also for Värttinä  members.

You can see our work, nice work which we’re done to show you whole Värttinä .

We hope you like new website.

Thank you!

-Kasia, Dorota and Łukasz

And News:

1/02/2012 – The Premiere of new Värttinä CD – Utu!!

31/01/2012 – The Concert in Helsinki on January 31st, in the main hall of the Helsinki Music Centre on the occasion of the release of new album.


4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Thank you Kasia, Dorota and Łukasz for wonderful pages you have done! We all (VÄRTTINÄ) really appreciate your work!!! All our fans keep on visiting here, see ya!!!


    1. Thanks all Värttinä members. We’re happy that you like our fan club :D It means a lot for us, becouse we love your music!

  2. I’m looking forward to the new album, having it delivered from Rockadillo in Finland. Does anyone know who will distribute the album in the United States?

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