Hi Friends!

How are you today?? We are still working on our website.

We would like to create the List of Best Songs – Värttinä Top 10!.

Which song is your favourite?

Which CD is the best?

Your opinions please write in comments. Thank You:)


4 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. As I met Värttinä first at the Bardentreffen in Nürmberg 2001, and never have heard anything from Värttinä before, I’m stronger impressed by the later Värttinä recordings. But I listened to all recordings too. And a second thing is that to Susan my relationship is the closiest from all Värttinä musicians. Both criterions have a main influence in my decision of my list of the 10 songs touching me most. And this is my list (in order of the release date):
    Kylä vuotti uutta kuuta (version Seleniko CD 1992)
    Liigua (Ilmatar 2000)
    Tuulen tunto (Iki 2003)
    Maahinen neito (Iki 2003)
    Nahkaruski (Iki 2003)
    Maaria (Miero 2006)
    Riena (Miero 2006)
    Oi Dai (version Archive live 2006)
    Vot i kaalina (version Archive live 2006)
    Vipinaveet ( 25, 2007 – first release at all)

    My favorite song is Maahinen neito, Susan singing lead, and the music is composed by Susan.

    Until now for me IKI ist the best CD. This album was a new break in the musical development, as also described in the history book about Värttinä. To this a absolutely agree.

  2. Now I listened to Utu – CD many times already. And I have to assume it’s a real masterpiece. As a whole it is a summary of a very successful combination of the Värttinä style developed all over the years and recordings with some strong elements (in the rhythm, the instrumentation, and the sound colours) of Jazz and Rock music. This all makes Utu a very different, colourful, and varying piece with a high musical intensity. It’s another main step in the musical develpment of Värttinä like Iki an Miero before. In it’s kind in the wohole it is a certain turning point – and a great come back of Finlands most modern and exciting (world music, ethno folk) Folkrock band Värttinä.

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