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Interview with Johanna

Watch now interview from 30.03.2012 with Johanna Hytti (Virtanen) in Studio 55 on MTV3 in two parties.

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Lyrics translations

Today more updates, mainly in Translations section on the DISCOGRAPHY page. We added lyrics translations for albums Iki (2003), Ilmatar (2000), Kokko (1996) and Aitara (1994) for now. Other news is interview in English from 2006 on the Vapaa Sana (Finnish weekly of North America). Interview is about Lord of the Rings Musical, if you want to… Continue reading Lyrics translations

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Changes and updates

  Dear Fans during few weeks we made some changes on the our Fan-Club page. Everything for sharing with you more and more information about the band. For those who don't check yet we made new MEMBERS page (where you can read about current members and soon more about past and co-operating members too), new CONCERTS page… Continue reading Changes and updates