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Changes and updates


Dear Fans during few weeks we made some changes on the our Fan-Club page. Everything for sharing with you more and more information about the band. For those who don’t check yet we made new MEMBERS page (where you can read about current members and soon more about past and co-operating members too), new CONCERTS
page and new design of the ‘Videos’ section on the MEDIA page (now you can choose directly which video you want to watch, no playlist anymore). We still waiting for your photos from Värttinä’s gigs. We’re constantly updating ‘Live photos’ section in the GALLERY. We’re working now at new and more clear version of ‘Collaborations’ section in the DISCOGRAPHY page, so you will be able to read more about others Värttinä’s projects. And more changes soon, especially in MEMBERS, GALLERY and MEDIA pages.


  • New tour date on the CONCERTS page
  • 11 photos by Niina Helimaa from Helsinki in Live photos section
  • 4 photos by Paul Benson from WOMAD Festival in Live photos section
  • 20 photos by Ulf Cronenberg from Würzburg in Live photos section
  • CD covers in Singles section on the DISCOGRAPHY page

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