We need your help!

Greetings everyone!

Värttinä’s 30th Anniversary is fast approaching and we wanna make gift for all band members. Imagine of fans wishes from all over the world collected on one DVD with a lots of your photos with Värttinä. It’s a brilliant gift idea for anniversary. You can write anything you want to tell the band members: wishes, congratulations, just some kind words or even record a short video. If you have any photo with Värttinä members send it too. Let thank them for amazing music they’re making for us 30 years now.

All you have to do:

    1. Write your anniversary message and sign it with your name and country.
    2. Pick a photo with the band.
    3. Send this massage and photo to us here: http://www.facebook.com/Varttina.FANCLUB

(you can do it by click the button “Message”)
or on our admin e-mail:  kasiaaa131@tlen.pl

Remember that when you already sent you message and photo you automatically agree for using it on our DVD gift for band members.

Thank you!


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