Värttinä Donates WOMEX Award Contribution to UNICEF Haiti

Along with their WOMEX Artist Award, Värttinä will be given money to put into a project of their own choice. This is why Värttinä will be using it to support UNICEF Haiti.

In 2010, in the wake of the unprecedented earthquake, the world came together in solidarity with Haitian children and families to mount an unprecedented response. The resources mobilised after the earthquake have provided more than just short-term emergency interventions, contributing also to longer term development especially in hard-to-reach rural areas that were previously left out. As 2013 approaches, it is important that we continue to build on this hard won progress, ensuring that we are able to fund reconstruction and recovery projects.

In Haiti, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been working together with the national authorities and UN and civil society partners to keep children alive, safe and learning in Haiti and hundreds of thousands of children have benefitted from these programmes.

We were touched to learn that music has been identified as one of the tools chosen by UNICEF and its partners to support the recovery of the thousands of children who were left traumatised by the earthquake. UNICEF together with its partners is doing valuable work in this regard by, for example, bringing music workshops to children in remote areas. UNICEF will support music students in the south of Haiti through workshops mixing styles from classical to Haitian songs. This is why we feel that it is important to direct our WOMEX Award contribution toward this work in Haiti.

from www.womex.com


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