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Värttinä celebrate WOMEX Artist Awards in Greece

The most significant prize of the world music was divided on Sunday for the very first time to a Nordic band, Finnish Värttinä. Band is proud of its Womex Artist Award prize. On scale 1 –5 of the achievements of the band WOMEX prize is “definitely three” said Mari Kaasinen, founder member of the group. Important milestones have been the “Lord of the Rings” musical composing in 2006 together with  A.R. Rahman. Prize speech in Thessaloniki had BBC Radio3’s music journalist Fiona Talkington and the special representative of the band was newest member, accordion player Matti Kallio.

Thessaloniki reached the band silent scandal, which starts on Thursday, when singer Johanna Hytti (Virtanen) said she had received unexpectedly fired. Band members agreed with that, she is still involved in this WOMEX gig. In the band stay singers Mari Kaasinen and Susan Aho next to players Matti Kallio  and Hannu Rantanen.

“Now, when award show is over, I fell very relieved” Johanna Hytti (Virtanen) comments at the Thessaloniki airport. “Gig was a great feeling and Värttinä has earned the award. I’m proud of my years in Värttinä, the best possible school to the singers and musicians” Johanna said. Värttinä is currently looking for a new singer to replace Hytti.

More photos from the award show soon.


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