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Finnish press about Johanna’s layoff


Little update on the GALLERY in Magazine Scans section. All new stuff concert to very sad news from last month about Johanna’s layoff from the band. Whole texts are in Finnish, but a lot of our informations about this case based on this press articles. For those of you who don’t understand Finnish language, we’ve in plans to translate Johanna’s interview for Anna magazine, which article reveal to Finnish press this scandal of Värttinä.

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3 thoughts on “Finnish press about Johanna’s layoff”

  1. Looking forward to the translation, because i really don’t understand what’s going on. Was she fired, or did she leave due to vocal problems and other musical interests ???

  2. Due to your question, Eric: Nobody but the Värttinä members have been in the August meeting with the result of Johanna being discharged from the band. It makes no sense to speculate. We have two contradictory public statements. Värttinä officially annouce Johanna’s vocal problems and other musicals interests as reasons. Johanna talks of being fired by the band’s majority – and that she was shocked by this surprising decision. Indeed in reality there is an obviously contradiction: Johanna is part of the successful Kuunkuiskaajat – Klimenko – Tour and has no voice problems to share with. Me myself, I could attend three performances in August and September (Lohjansaari, Oulu, Mikkeli), with Johanna singing as great as ever.
    It took nearly 6 years for Värttinä to release Utu as next album. Could it be believable that the band could not stand and get over some temporarily problems of one of the singers?
    You can think over for yourself what’s your opinion about this shouting contradiction – and who is telling the truth.
    Greetings to you!

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