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30th anniversary concert on YLE


On 25 od December YLE 1 television (Finland) will broadcast Värttinä’s special 30th anniversary concert. If you missed it, still can watch on YLE Teema (6.1.2014).

· Mari Kaasinen – vocals
· Susan Aho – vocals
· Karoliina Kantelinen – vocals
· Matti Kallio – accordion, wind instruments and vocals
· Kukka Lehto – fiddle and mandolin
· Hannu Rantanen – double bass
· Matti Laitinen – guitar, mando cello and vocals
· Mikko Hassinen – drums and percussions

Directed by: Rami Lindholm
Producer and Editor: Riikka Heino
Photo: Jari ”Väne” Väisänen
Sets Designer: Lea Sipilä
Sound Designers: Samuli Liikanen ja Sauli Lindgren
Production: Yle Arts and Entertainment, Music Productions, 2013


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