Värttinä 30 anniversary concert! Watch now!

Just now you can watch Värttinä’s 30 anniversary concert on YLE Areena! Enjoy!


We encourage you to leave a comment about this outstanding concert!


4 thoughts on “Värttinä 30 anniversary concert! Watch now!”

  1. Thanks, Kasia, for posting. Yes, it is an outstanding concert with very interesting and well done new arrangements and interpretations on the songs! Especially I’m glad that “Maahinen neito” is on the setlist. Susan’s wonderful and enchanting in her performance! :)

  2. This TV version was a little different from the stage concert. Some songs were left out (at least Ruskie neitsyt, Aitara and all instrumental stuff) and the order of the songs was different, too. It’s never as good in TV as it’s in a live concert – but still, it’s five-star entertainment.

  3. It would be great, if Värttinä would release this concert on DVD – and then the whole stage concert, not only the TV broadcasting! Thanks Tuomas for your detailed note.

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