LOUHI – the brandnew song by Värttinä

On ”The Kalevala Day” Feb 28 2021 Värttinä release a new song ”Louhi” featuring Värttinä’s founding-member Sari Kaasinen. Louhi is a mystical and powerful queen of the land known as Pohjola in Finnish and Karelian mythology. The song pays homage to all powerful women – the modern day ”Louhis” – around the world. 🤩

Music & Lyrics: Sari Kaasinen
Arrangement: Värttinä, Sari Kaasinen, Jukka Kyllönen

Vocals: Sari Kaasinen, Mari Kaasinen, Karoliina Kantelinen, Susan Aho
Fiddle, stroh violin, jouhikko: Lassi Logren
Hadjira, daf: Mikko Hassinen
Acoustic guitar, cittern, bass: Matti Laitinen
Percussion: Jukka Kyllönen
Voices: Lassi Logren, Matti Laitinen


  1. Brilliant song. Never felt so connected to my spiritual ancestors from Sápmi and Finland.
    Paul (Hiukka) Hellander in Adelaide, Australia.

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