25 (2007)


Original release date: 26.09.2007

Label: Sony BMG

Producer: Phillip Page

Time: 75:55



1. Oi Dai
2. Varrii Ompi Zaijuvesj
3. Ämmät
4. Miinan Laulu
5. Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta
6. Mikä Miulla Mielessa
7. Aitara
8. Yötulet
9. Ottajat
10. Kokko
11. Emoton
12. Laulutyttö
13. Maahinen Neito
14. Vihi
15. Käppee
16. Äijö
17. Nahkaruoska
18. Vipinäveet
19. Riena
20. Lemmennosto
21. Hoptsoi
22. Seelinnikoi


“25” is Värttinä’s first Finnish release compilation album, celebrating 25 years of Värttinä as a band and including twenty-two songs from all their eleven albums and the Archive Live DVD. The album also features an unreleased song, “Vipinäveet” from the sessions of their “Miero” album from 2006, as well as lyrics and deluxe, four color, twenty-four page digipak design with historical photos.


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