Miero (2006)


Original release date: 30.01.2006

Label: Real World Records

ProducerAija Puurtinen

Time: 47:48



1. Riena
2. Valhe
3. Mataleena
4. Synti
5. Maaria
6. Miero
7. Mierontie
8. Mustat kengät
9. Lupaus
10. Lumotar
11. 9 lukkoa
12. Eerama
13. Vaiten valvoin


The present can’t be understood without knowing the history. That’s the case with Värttinä’s album “Miero”, released in 2006. On the album, the band goes towards the new, partly forgetting its traditions, partly revising and partly respecting them. By the time of recording, the band has had its exciting consistency for so long that it’s able to do it. The past isn’t a chain weighing them down, it can inspire the band to something new that only Värttinä knows.

(From “Värttinä – On the Wanderer’s Road and the Red Carpet”, Kimmo Nevalainen)

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