Oi Dai (1991)


Original Release Date: 1991

Label: Spirit / Polygram

Producer: Riku Mattila

Time: 34:25



1. Marilaulu
2. Mie oon musta
3. Viikon vaivane
4. Kamaritski
5. Miinan laulu
6. Ukko lumi
7. Vot vot ja niin niin
8. Tupa täynnä tuppasuita
9. Oi dai
10. Tantsukolena
11. Kiiriminna
12. Yks on huoli

Oi dai

“Oi dai” is a Värttinä’s most unconstrained album. It’s a documentary of the band’s developmental phase at the beginning of 1990s, and it says everything about it, both in a good and bad sence. Musically at its best, it is heard as wonderful singing and playing, at its worst, amateurism strongly comes through. On the other hand, what’s wrong with that? When a classic is born, its creators can be happy.  It’s the most easy-going and natural album.

(From “Värttinä – On the Wanderer’s Road and the Red Carpet”, Kimmo Nevalainen)


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