Translation by Jevgenija Sorokina

<A visitor>

(Värttinä — “Kylän kävijä”)

1: Down alleys I did go, watching foreign homes, looking in windows,
To visit I stepped in, into a house so strange, all full of strangers.

Bridge: But no idea I have about the master,
Who lives upon these floors,
Nor of foreign ways behind the foreign doors…

Chorus: Oh yes, a stranger I’m myself, in stranger places,
A guest, a visitor upon these foreign lands,
An oddity behind the door with unfamiliar faces,
A guest, a traveler so strange, with tired hands.

2: Yes, never know I may the ways of this place, the ways of this place,
Far away have gone, into a land unknown, those I have ever known…

repeat bridge and chorus

3: Where did you live, where did you go, all summer long?
What kind of man are you, can we rely on you, you visitor with a song?

repeat bridge and chorus