Maamo – Aitara, 1994

Translation (c) Jevgenija Sorokina

(Värttinä – “Maamo”)

1: On my mother’s lands,
By my daddy’s own fields,
There I grew and blossomed,
Childhood left behind…
Like a apple growing
On a pretty apple-tree,
I was happy at home,
Like a forest hind.
Chorus: Whene’er I’m feeling down and lonely,
And attacked by thoughts so grim,
Always remember mother’s homeland,
Daddy’s fields so trimmed.
2: Now in other lands
I am, quite away from home,
Strange are all the acres,
Alien are the ways.
Strange are all the fields,
And so are the doors,
Roads are all untraveled,
And I’m blue again…
repeat chorus
3: Woe is me, poor maiden,
How unhappy I am.
Where can I be happy,
Where’s my apple-tree?
Now I keep on dreaming
‘Bout my mother’s homeland,
That I could return to
Daddy’s fields so trimmed…
repeat chorus