Miinan Laulu – Oi Dai, 1991

“Miinan Laulu” (“Miina’s Song”)
(trad., Värttinä / J. Sorokina)

Roses grew upon a rock,
And they were blue and scarlet.
Every girl must have a boy
To light her, like a starlet!
If I could tread on this wild rose,
And trample to the ground,
If I could trick this handsome lad
To me to be just bound!
The accordion my love did play
And I went there to listen,
But soon we just put it aside
And then we started kissing!
Well, here I am, the little girl,
Like violin strings a-singing,
And when I’m walking down the road
The boys they all start cheering!
You were a fool to pay in markkas,
Best follow my example:
I rummage did among the sheets
And on a copeck trampled.
Hey you, old hag, give me that boy
And don’t you dare object!
I’ll take him from you anyway
‘Cause for me he’s the best!
Love does burn in both of us
Like oil in soft white cotton,
When at daytime we fool around,
When at my dreams you drop in.