Raijan Joiku – Viena, 2015

Translation (c) Jevgenija Sorokina

(Värttinä – “Raijan joiku”)

1: I give my warm welcome here,
To you, guests so very dear,
Join our party filled with joy,
Feast the day with maids and boys.
2: Once in a blue moon we meet,
Rarely each other we do see,
On the Väinölä fields of home,
Kalevala lands of songs.
3: Sing right out, my dearest brother,
Call, call out like does no other,
Take your time to celebrate,
Sing for others for the day.
4: Take that kantele of yours,
Play a song or even more,
Fit your fingers to the strings,
May the ditties freely ring!
5: So that our countrymen would hear
Everywhere, there and here,
Savonian ditties sounding sweetly,
These Karelian songs so pretty.