Tuulilta tuleva – KOKko, 1996

Translation by Jevgenija Sorokina

(Värttinä — Tuulilta tuleva)

1: As I set out to seek the moon,
To catch the sunlight ’bout to vanish soon,
Still in the future my turn did lay,
And I was dreaming of another day.
All I ask is a single friend,
To be with me till the bitter end,
It makes no difference where he is from,
The sea or heavens, or on land he roams.
Chorus: Where’er on earth is this friend of mine,
Wherever he is a-roaming,
At my command calm down shall the waves,
And into silence sink the spray.
These are the winds bearing him to me,
These skies will be watching over him,
Wherever he is a-roaming,
Where’er my treasure, it’s been lain.
2: Fly hither, my little bird, I pray,
Come hither, my feathered friend, I say,
To this nameless land of tears,
To my wordless island here.
I would sing one more lovely song,
I would say it in smoother words,
If I had someone by my side,
A sweetheart listening to what I write…
repeat chorus