Tuuterin Tyttäret – UTU, 2012

Translation by Jevgenija Sorokina

(Värttinä – “Tuuterin tyttäret)

1: Tonight we’re having visitors from Tuuteri,
Young lovely maidens that can dance and skip and sway,
With pretty dresses on, silk upon their foreheads,
They’ve come to dance, and have fun the night away.
Hey people, give the girls the dancing floor,
Make way for us, for fine Tuuteri ladies,
And if you don’t, we’ll be drawn out through the doors
And underneath the stars we will be dancing…
Chorus: Maidens from Tuuteri, they dance under the heavens,
Swaying in the middle, in the middle of the yard,
These ladies, they desire, they simply itch for dancing,
Skipping ‘neath the stars…
2: Oh could you let us dance now in the dancing hall,
And clatter all around in clattering shoes?
Our legs are still young and bodies fit,
And our bottoms from the bench we can still lift.
The girls did stay for some weeks and maybe even more,
I also heard that for a month they stayed,
They had naughty men way back home in Tuuteri,
That’s why they had time to dance the night away.