Värttinä Vocal Trio in Ravensburg, May 9th 2015

Some pictures from my journey to meet the Värttinä Vocal Trio at concert in Ravensburg.
The German tour was organized by the Deutsch Finnische Gesellschaft (DFG) (= German Finnisch Society).
Värttinä Vocal Trio are the Värttinä singers Mari Kaasinen-Paaso, Susan Aho and Karoliina Kantelinen.
This night with full packed sets, and to meet the wonderful Finnish songbirds again, means a highlight of the year!

Posters  - when entering the town of Ravensburg

Posters – when entering the town of Ravensburg

The old Rathaus (Lord Mayer’s office)

The castle of Ravensburg

Concert posters all over the town

Gathering power for the concert!

The “Kornhaus” – where the Värttinä Vocal Trio was performing

Door of the Kornhaus

The flag of the German Finnish Society

The stage – waiting on the singers

Susan’s tiny shaman drum

All three sets in front of full packed houses!

After the set – selling CD “Utu”

A lot of people could not come in.

Susan’s drum and the stick of bones to beat the drum.

Successful selling talking!

Beautiful posters with Karoliina, Mari and Susan!

The so called “Obere Tor”

The hotel where the three ladies spent the night after the concert.

In Ravensburg there are many beautiful buildings.

The Schwäbische half-timbered building style.

The hotel I spent the night after concert.

Happy trio after the most successful and exciting concert night of the tour.


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