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From Värttinä concert at G Livelab,Helsinki 12.11.16

Here a two photos from this concert. Fotos taken by G Livelab Helsinki.

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A dedication to Värttinä! – poem by Jevgenija Sorokina

Back in the year two thousand twelve I got to know, all by myself, This awesome band, this Finnish band, Which is so famous 'round the land. I love their music and their style, It is both gentle and so wild, I love the Kalevala feel, Which good old Finland does conceal. Dear Karoliina, Mari,… Continue reading A dedication to Värttinä! – poem by Jevgenija Sorokina

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Photos from Kihaus Folk Festival 2013

Here some photos from Saturday night gig at the Kihaus Folk Festival. Festival takes place in Northern Karelia, in  very close to the border with Russia. Therefore, festival has been influenced by the Karelian and Finno-Ugrian people over the many years that the festival has taken place. The home of Kihaus is Rääkkylä, which is a… Continue reading Photos from Kihaus Folk Festival 2013

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After the Thursday episode of Sokkokokki with Susan and Johanna, you can find some pics from the program on our Kuunkuiskaajat Facebook page. Soon will be more there. Just click here: Sokkokokki 7/6/2012 And here all recipes by kitchen chef Tommi Tuominen for the entrée fried turbot and grilled asparagus on the spinach puree and fennel-orange compote carpaccio and for the… Continue reading Sokkokokki