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Concert page updated !

Värttinä - as Band or Vocal Trio - has announced new performances November and Dezember 2017, and first one in 2018.  Amongst concerts in England and Ireland! Kindly have a look at the concert page!  

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“Lasetus” lyrics!

Music. Matti Kallio Lyrics. Karoliina Kantelinen Arr. Värttinä LASETUS Kulki, kulki kolme luonnotarta , Laulajat laajoilt lainehilta Suoltivat suen suu-suusanoilla, Laskivat laulut lappehilla Noilla noijan, noijan noroilla, Näijen neitoin, neitoin neuvoilla Laativat loihtua lietsomahan, laulun lasettajan laulattamaan Virret vierivät veneen veriä, Laulut laskivat lainehilla Noilla noijan, noijan noroilla, Näijen neitoin, neitoin neuvoilla Koittavat koiraset koputella,… Continue reading “Lasetus” lyrics!

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Changes and updates

  Dear Fans during few weeks we made some changes on the our Fan-Club page. Everything for sharing with you more and more information about the band. For those who don't check yet we made new MEMBERS page (where you can read about current members and soon more about past and co-operating members too), new CONCERTS page… Continue reading Changes and updates

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New updates

  Hei everyone! Some more new stuff on our website. Enjoy! Soon more updates. We want to add interviews translations and wallpapers on desktop in the MEDIA page and more photos from live performance, tv shows and others. Updates: 20 new photos in TV Shows / Events section on the GALLERY 10 new scans and posters… Continue reading New updates