Aitara (1994)


Original Release Date: 1994

Label: Mipu Music

Producer: Janne Haavisto

Time: 41:40



1. Katariina
2. Tumala
3. Maamo
4. Niin mie mieltynen
5. Mie tahon tanssia
6. Tammi
7. Pirsta
8. Outona omilla mailla
9. Travuska
10. Yötulet
11. Kannunkaataja
12. Aitara


In “Aitara”, Värttinä found its dual voice. On the one hand, they had happy, rekilaulu-style energetic songs, on the other hand there was serious Värttinä, which wants to be more impressive band. “Tumala” and “Tammi” are good examples. Then again, “Outona omilla mailla” and the album title “Aitara” lead the band in the direction it’s going to go.

(From “Värttinä – On the Wanderer’s Road and the Red Carpet”, Kimmo Nevalainen)


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