Kokko (1996)


Original Release Date: 05.10.1996

Label: Nonesuch Records

Producer: Janne Haavisto

Time: 40:56



1. Tuulilta tuleva
2. Kokko
3. Ottajat
4. Korppi
5. Pyry
6. Halla
7. Iro
8. Merten kosijat
9. Omani
10. Pojaton
11. Emino ennen


“Kokko” was supposed to be the final bridge-builder between Värttinä and the big music world. That didn’t happen, but with the ways of making music and with its sound world, “Kokko” finally made Värttinä  a big band. Although the album was Värttinä‘s lightest in the band’s history, it had very little to do with the trends of popular music. Värttinä has its own way, but this time it can be heard as catching melodies, which are combinated with a Bulgarian singing style.

(From “Värttinä – On the Wanderer’s Road and the Red Carpet”, Kimmo Nevalainen)


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