Musta Lintu (1989)


Original Release Date: 05.09.1989

Label: Olarin Musiikki

Producer: Värttinä

Time: 40:17

1. Soria poika
2. Musta lindu
3. Itku
4. Ui ui
5. Täst’ se lähti toinen tahti
6. Vot i kaalina
7. Kadrilli
8. Ämmät
9. Kylä vuotti uutta kuuta
10. Loitsu
11. Ruskie neitsyt
12. Ruskoi reggae
13. Ankaralaisen turistin maahanpanopolkka

Musta Lindu

Värttinä’s second album , “Musta lindu” which was released by folk music oriented Olarin musiikki in 1989, is one step more ambitious. “Ruskie neitsyt” had its second coming in this album, but from a later perspective, it’s more important than Värttinä’s classic “Kylä vuotti uutta kuuta” and “Vot I kaalina” are recorded on this album for the first time. Sari Kaasinen made her own song “Itku”, on this album, and it indicated her talen as a song-writer. The live studo method was still used in recording.

(From “Värttinä – On the Wanderer’s Road and the Red Carpet”, Kimmo Nevalainen)

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