Translation by Jevgenija Sorokina


(Värttinä – “Emoton”)

1: Hear me sing, poor maiden who’s been
Set upon a big log which does reel,
On a thin, trembling twig,
Ended up upon a leaf that shivers ‘neath the wind.

Now I’m here, I even don’t know
What to take in life, which exact road,
And which way I’ll choose to run,
I don’t know which road to take, to go up or go down.

Chorus: There was a time when my mother, she could…
There was a time a fruit tree she could make,
I guess she did plant a sapling in the field,
But to make it grow, in this she failed.

2: I grew up with no father beside,
With no parents or kin by my side,
In a home among backwood trees,
In a land, where berry shrubs are gently lulled by the breeze.

Heavens might have a perfect design,
And the Dipper skilfully be made so fine,
What about this wretched life of mine?
What’s waiting for me down the line?

repeat chorus 1

Chorus 2: Yes, it was put into so bad a place,
Quite near a dark cloud all filled with rain,
On the hard roots of lonely birch so tall,
Deep in the darkness of nights in the fall…