Photos by Ulf Cronenberg


Photos by Ulf Cronenberg, Würzburg ( You may not use these photos without permission by the photographer.


These photos are from Värttinä concert, August 8th 2009 at the Hafensommer Festival in Würzburg

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  1. Sorry, but you’re not authorized to use my photos. Before you or someone else uses my photos you have to ask me. Sharing is not allowed!
    Ulf Cronenberg

  2. We now made an agreement with Ulf Cronenberg. He now gives his permission to us to place and to show his photos on this page further on. We just begged him to excuse our mistake not having asked for his permission before. Thanks!

  3. At this concert Aija Puurtinen was replacing Mari Kaasinen. Mari was not able to join the tour because of pregnancy.

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