November 3rd, 2018 – concert at the Jazz Dock in Prague !

Photos by Otfried Stein       –   A highlight event of the year – and I was with!


Because of this concert I traveled to Prague first time in my life. It was all worth it a thousand times. I posted already an album with pictures from my stay in Prague. Here now the pics concerning the concert. It took place at Jazz Dock, aside the river Moldau. The venue was fully packed with over 100 listeners. Värttinä exploded in a furious row of songs. And the audience, naturally mostly Czech people, came along with great excitement, attention, emotions, and powerful singing with the band. I have the experience of many live performances of Värttinä, but this was the most lively live performance I have joined. The Czechs must be the most fanatic Värttinä fans in the world! Värttinä did some new songs and all songs (even the older ones) in new arrangements. Fine fiddle work by Lassi, Miko did the percussion and added a super solo. Martti at the guitar replaced even a bass player in a virtuosly manner. No wonder, the three ladies formed the impressing frontline as the highlight of the show! (Sorry, lads). A special thing was, that Karoliina has to use a crutch, because of a injured right leg. So what she could not do with dancing, she replaced by an awesome and tremendous facial expression. Great! Värttinä could only finish with three heavy interactive encores, amongst as usual “Seelinnikoi”! I had the pleasure to be there already at the soundcheck. And Mika did a fine job as the sound magician of the band. Unforgetable hours with my Värttinä friends!